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Projects undertaken
  • Improved cultivation of agricultural crops, fruits, horticultural crops and vegetables on 40 acres of Agricultural Land at Kapli in Kanpur District by using Organic manure.
  • Improved milk production of Miltch Cattles specially Cows with quality production of milk through use of organic feeds. The quantity of milk now crossed 1000 liters per day .
  • Producing renewable energy to run 30 KVA Generator for 12 hours per day by installing 140 Q.Metre of Bio – gas Plant.
  • Sanjeevani organic manure is produced 2.00 MT per day.
  • Subsidiary Companies of Raghuvansh Agrofarms Ltd., in the name of M/s Kanpur Organics (P) Ltd . has been established at a cost of Rs.2.50 Crore at Narsinghpur (Madhya Pradesh) for manufacturing of Organic Manure from Sugar Press Mud. The Capacity of Plant 100 TPD.
  • Another subsidiary of our Company entitled Sanjeevani Fertilizers & Chemicals (P) Ltd. has been established in 2009 at Bhaognipur , Kanpur Dehat . The Company has 56 Acres of agricultural land where 14000 pomegranates, 20000 Banana plants, guava plants and vegetables are grown.

Upcoming Projects
  • Installation of 1000 q. meter Bio-gas plant is in progress at Bhognipur by Sanjeevani Fertilizers & Chemicals (P) Ltd.
  • Refinery/ Extraction unit is under construction at Bhognipur by Sanjeevani Fertilizers & Chemicals (P) Ltd.
  • Organic Manure Manufacturing Projects is proposed in U.P.
  • 4-5 Units of 1000 Q.Metre Bio-gas Plant are proposed to be set up in the year 2014
  • Green House is proposed to be set –up for increasing productivity of fruits, vegetables, flowers and propagation of plants through Tissue Culture is proposed.
  • Manufacturing of Bio-pesticides shall also be taken up by the Company.
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