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Moved by various reports appearing in press and electronic media about the ill effects of use of chemicals fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides, Mr Subodh Agarwal along with his like minded friends dwelt upon this idea of floating a venture whereby they could contribute their best in addressing this menace of hazardous inputs.

Consequent to this idea M/s Raghuvansh Agrofarms Limited was incorporated with a long term view of producing Bio-Food grains, Bio-Fruits and Vegetables, Bio- Milk, Bio-Fertilizers, Bio- Pesticides and Bio- Energy. Bio- Fuel, form of clean energy by using organic waste, City waste, sewage waste, cow dung etc. Bio-Fuel / Bio-Gas thus produced is not only clean and energy efficient Gas, it also helps to solve the National Waste Management Problem.

Key Objectives
  • To promote use of Organic Manure in cultivation of agricultural, horticultural and vegetable crop.
  • To check environmental pollution by converting organic waste into Organic Manure/Bio-fuel and Bio-gas.
  • To check further depletion of soil nutrients due to indiscriminate use of chemicals fertilizers and agro-chemicals by promoting use of Organic Manure
  • To use modern techniques in such a way so that quality of milk increases.
  • To make optimum use of Organic waste along with cow-dung for making renewable energy to save fuel.
  • To impart training and motivate the farmers and young entrepreneur for use of eco friendly products.
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